Headquartered in Singapore where it was founded in 1992, HRnetGroup started off as a 4-person team. Today, with over 1000 consultants spread across 10 Asian cities, we are definitively; the leading recruitment and staffing firm in Asia.

Focus on Asian growth cities

Currently operating in 10 Asian growth cities, our focus is on growing cities in Asia with high level of commercial activities and job opportunities, a large and growing population with a large labour force and young population demographics.

Highly diversified base of premium customers

With a client base of over 2,000 including 104 Fortune 500 companies as at 31 December 2016, we are not dependent on any single customer and industry.

Leading productivity and profitability through our entrepreneurial co-ownership business model and lean structure

We have leading productivity and profitability as compared to our global and regional competitors. Many of our leaders and business pioneers have personally invested in the share capital of our subsidiaries.

Largest Asia-based recruitment player in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) with dominance in Singapore

According to Frost & Sullivan, we are the largest recruitment player among key players in Singapore in terms of number of licensed consultants, revenue as well as the most profitable (in terms of net profit before tax) recruitment player in Singapore.

Strong growth and profitability since inception

Our resilience has been proven by our strong financial performance since inception, demonstrated through overall top-line and bottom-line growth over more than 24 years of operations, as well as achieved through our strong relationship with customers, diversified business model and strategic expansion across Asian growth cities.

Growth powered by twin engines of complementary businesses

Our synergistic and balanced business model is supported by two complementary businesses, with flexible staffing business providing a relatively stable and steady revenue stream in economic downturn, while the professional recruitment business generally performs well during periods of economic growth. The provision of both services allows us to offer comprehensive recruitment solutions to our customers.

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