How Recruitment Agencies are able to attract Good Recruitment Consultants

While talking and giving consultation to many recruitment agencies bosses, one common problem occurs is that they are having a tough time recruiting recruitment consultants, of course, when they are having tough time getting “normal” consultants, it is quite impossible to get “good” recruitment consultants.

Basically, when I reviewed the client company, the operations and the style of management, I realised some common issues that occurs that created the “reasons” of not able to attract good recruitment consultants.

Some Critical Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies are not able to attract Good Recruitment Consultants:

1)      Does not pay attention to their own branding – Many agencies boss have this simple idea that as long as they have an office, get the clients and candidates, they are in business. This is absolutely not truth because they do not believe or have no idea that branding plays a very important part in attracting good consultants. In fact, not just the consultants, the clients and candidates also see the “brand” itself to determine whether they want to give you the “business.”

2)      Does not seem to have a plan for the future of the potential new consultant- Apparently the consultant wants to know if they have any future with the company so they will like to know what the career path is if they were to join the company. But many times, the company does not have a concrete plan for the consultant and hence creating a very blur future for the candidate.

3)      Company is too small – Well, if it is a one-man company, then there is nothing much they could do about it, as it is the limitation in resource available to attract good consultants. However this may not be a critical factor as I have helped a company to recruit over 25 new consultants within 2 months that is run by one person and their resources are also very limited.

4)      Office is terrible – Image is very important, if you were to expect a good consultant to join a company whose office is Grade D standard, it does not happen in real life. You see, if your office is Grade D, you will attract Grade D consultants and vice versa.

5)      Salary offer is not good – If you want to get good quality consultant, you will need to pay the premium to get them to join you. If their expected salary is too low, usually there will be some problem with them. Of course there will be situation where you may be lucky that you can get someone at a very good salary but most of them time it does not happen.

During my consultation with the clients, I offer the solutions and strategies to get new consultants and how to attract good recruitment consultants like a magnet.  The journey to attract good consultants is tough for many because they are not able to find their own reasons. Without good consultants there will poor sales, poor sales mean that the company will not able to last long. It is a problem for many…

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