A new rising star of an executive search company in Singapore – Intellisearch HR Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Today we have the privilege to interview Mr. Zac Ng of Intellisearch HR Solutions Pte Ltd, who operates a successful boutique executive firm in Singapore since 2014. With slightly more than 2 years in the recruitment industry in Singapore, it is already making some distinct remarkable footprints in the industry.

At the age of only 27 this year, with an unstoppable passion to start a business since very young and already shown to be very different since he was in primary school where the same peer are reading story books, he was reading other companies advertisement flyers and companies brochures. His leadership started very young when he formed school associations and chairs communities.

The company, Intellisearch HR Solutions Pte  Ltd is a full service executive search company in Singapore that specialised in education and engineering placement, very focused on white collar executive placement in Singapore.

In 2014, the company started off with only Zac Ng and another staff, it grows slowly and steadily to 4 people within 2016, although the size of the company is nothing to brag about, the total revenue is actually averagely between 500K-700K per year.  With the very few headcounts itself, it looks to be a very interesting numbers compared to other recruitment agencies of the same level.

Not only this young executive search company do contingency placement between a region of 15-25% of annual salary, it also do placement based on retainer basis.  Impressively, their placement turnaround time is averagely 2 weeks.

According to Zac, he intended to also branch out to other niche industries which he preferred not to disclosed at this moment ,  and may also intent to expand the office when revenue reach  1 million per mark per year.  

Intellisearch HR Solutions Pte  Ltd also got the  bronze award for recruitment agency of the year 2015 organised by Asia Recruitment HR and in the year 2016, they were also being awarded as  best recruitment agency in Singapore (bronze award),  the company is delighted  about the awards where their competitors are top guns recruitment agencies in Singapore such as Sciencetec, AYP, Capita, and accordingly to Zac, they will likely go for some awards organised by Recruitment International soon.

After getting the awards, they do see a significant increase in the number of quality candidate and also more quality recruitment consultants wanting to join them. 

As for Zac, he mentioned that the most fulfilling part of what he is doing is that he can personally train the new recruitment consultant and see them grow in their life, not just teaching them the skills on the recruitment industry, also to teach them about life, grow with them together with the company and also nurture them to become a precious diamond. 


At the moment, they are also aggressively hiring internally for recruitment consultants that can be totally fresh, with the right attitude, hungry for knowledge and passionate about the indus

try and Zac mentioned that those who are successful can have an income of 5k-6k per month and the income is actually scalable even up to 20K per month. 

Zac views on the recruitment industry trend is that he believes that this is not sunset industry,  although there are saying that AI will take over the recruitment industry, he believes that there will be a need for a human touch for the service.


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