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Our Executive Search & Executive Recruitment is a specialized service used to directly source candidates for senior executive or other highly specialized positions. We have successfully recruited GMs, MDs, CEOs, CFOs, etc for our clients. We will research and approach suitable candidates in the market. We will approach and investigate whether the individual might be interested in moving to a new employer and carry out initial screening, interviewing, assessment of the candidate, negotiations on remuneration and employment contract, and etc.

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General Recruitment

Our General Recruitment Team is specialized and experienced in the recruitment from junior to executive level for all non-technical job functions and industries. We will search for candidates in our own database and also external databases and directories. Candidates will be screened and contacted to see if there is an interest by the candidate, and a subsequent interview will then be arranged with us.

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Technical Recruitment

Our Technical Recruitment Team consist of team members with specific past working experience and education background in IT, Science and Engineering as the main purpose of our technical team is to understand the nature of our clients business and requirements. We have successfully recruited several technical, engineering, and IT positions for the manufacturing, trading, construction, IT, and etc industry.

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Staff Outsourcing

Our Staff Outsourcing services are suitable for clients who don’t have a registered company yet or don’t have a head count to hire this position. We will employ your staff under ‘Fischer & Partners’ and we will make sure that they receive on time payroll, health insurance, and other benefits.

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We truly understand that every client has unique needs. Therefore, our Accounting & Payroll team can provide tailored solutions to help you in managing your business, meeting both internal or statutory deadlines, ensuring confidentiality of your information, and ensure that you stay compliant with local tax regulations and laws. More details

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We represent clients in a variety of practice areas, including hospitality, real estate, contracts, joint ventures and mergers and acqusitions.

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