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Our Group recruits top-tier professionals from overseas to secure comprehensive and talented labour solutions for companies in Singapore. Since 1993 our Group has expanded the scope of its services to include healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and logistics.

Our Group:

  • Is comprised of two companies each dedicated to a specific area of talent recruitment.
  • Sources professionals from all over the world to meet our clients’ needs.
  • Specializes in recruiting personnel from

    skilled labour to professionals, including doctors and nurses, engineers and technicians, and exceptional talent in retail and hospitality.

  • Verifies that all candidates have proper documentation, housing, counselling, and resources to maximize their utility from before their arrival through their return home.
  • Has successfully integrated and managed overseas labour solutions for hundreds of companies, including numerous global-scale corporations.

We are committed to hiring only the most qualified individuals to meet our clients

Our team works tirelessly to uphold our key values: finding the best recruit for each specific job, overseeing skilled contract talent start-to-finish, and managing our resources to keep the process light and fast.

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