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At the heart of our service is our 200,000-strong talent bank of pre-screened office executive jobseekers, drawn from over numerous applications. All demonstrate impressive track records of achievement and results in corporate positions, and often, interim and freelance roles. Many are available on short notice, a plus for companies facing urgent business priorities.

We accurately identify the candidates in our talent bank who are likely to be a good fit for your role, via our proprietary talent management system. We laser in on the best candidates for you in our talent bank, with searches on multi-level function, location and industry characteristics, together with keyword and ad-hoc searching on limitless additional criteria.

The benefit to you: A short list that matches, point by point, the requirements of your executive recruitment brief, all done with remarkable speed. We short list for permanent roles in under a week, compared to weeks that other placement firms require.

For some roles that would benefit from a broader search, with the client’s consent, we leverage our network of specialist job boards, chosen for their relevance to the role at hand and prior delivery of successful candidates. Our consultants will then screen and select from the often large numbers of respondents (to weed out the many unqualified ones that always come in with any online job ad for a desirable position) and identify for you a manageable handful of well-suited candidates.

When the time quickly comes for you to interview the short list of candidates, there will be no surprises: Each candidate you will see will have already passed a rigorous vetting process. Even though our process is fast and technology-enabled, it is also hands-on and full-service. We work closely with you to develop an accurate and compelling brief for each role you seek to fill. We screen respondents, interview candidates, check references and validate CVs appropriate to the assignments.

A track record of success.

Our recruitment approach has been tried by dozens of successful companies, all with the same result: SUCCESS. Our clients range from SMEs to leading global corporations, to public listed organisations. They have found our fast-track permanent recruitment service to find precisely the right person for the job – even the most challenging briefs.

See first-hand how our fast, effective permanent recruitment service presents great candidates in well under (1) week – and how we can access superb executive talent other placement firms just don’t know about. Our permanent staff recruitment service operates with no upfront fees. We’re only paid when we’re successful for you, when a candidate we introduce takes up employment with your company or organisation.

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