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Our mission

Our mission: To supply the best, most cost effective service to our customers when recruiting temporary or permanent personnel across a broad range of disciplines.

Just Recruit redefines recruitment to meet the needs of people who need people. That means:

• Providing a competitively superior service that is tailor-made to a specific brief.
• Working as a partner – not just a supplier.
• Providing a selection which will fit both the job description and the business environment – Anyone can supply choice based on quantity. We supply choice based on quality. We achieve this thanks to the quality of our own human resource.

Our consultants share the commitment to quality in every aspect of our activities. They are proactive in their quest to understand your needs. They are interactive in their relationship with you – questioning, demanding and challenging as a partner should be. It’s an approach which is proven in practice, in partnership with not only blue chip companies but medium and small companies alike.

Recruitment Services


The people that work for you are the most important part of your company. Having the best possible work force will give you a competitive advantage. Using our extensive database of over 10 million CV’s, together with our large advertising budget, we are sure to find you the right person for the job. You will save time, energy and money by letting us concentrate on finding you the talented individuals you need, rather than spending hours looking through CV’s, and money on advertising.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you from looking directly for someone yourself at the same time as we are. The most important factor is that you find the right fit for your company, and by simply viewing the best people we can find, you could find the perfect person. You pay nothing for our services until we place an individual with yourselves. Even then – in the unlikely event of the individual leaving, we have a tiered refund schedule. Ultimately, you have nothing to lose from letting us help you with your vacancy!

Just Recruit Express

This new service comes at an introductory price of $500 . For this one off fee we will advertise your role on our range of media reaching out to over 10 million potential candidates. We will then provide you with the CV’s that are submitted for you to decide on the best person for the job. We will then organise the interviews with the candidates(s) you choose.

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